SoftComply Risk Manager vs Risk Manager Plus on Jira Cloud
Comparison between the risk management apps on Atlassian Jira - the SoftComply Risk Manager and the Risk Manager Plus on Jira Cloud
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In Search of a Compliance Solution that Lets You Sleep at Night
How to find the best regulatory compliance solution for medtech on Atlassian
How to Maintain a Documentation Baseline of Agile Development in Confluence?
most popular use cases for capturing and freezing the always dynamic data in Confluence with the SoftComply Static Snapshots app
change management
Change Management & Medical Device QMS on Confluence
How to keep your QMS up to date when regulations and standards change over time with the help of a Compliance Matrix
Display approval
Display Document Approvals on Confluence Pages with the SoftComply Change History app
display your document approval history on Confluence pages with the SoftComply Change History app
cloud fortified
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