SoftComply Static Snapshots app helps you capture and freeze the data on your Confluence pages at any moment in time

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Keeps Confluence page content static
To freeze the content at a certain point in time, take a Static Snapshot of the page with the SoftComply Static Snapshots app.
Freezes the content of macros
Keep the content of your macros static with a snapshot of the Confluence page.
Monitor your progress with Snapshots
You can monitor your work progress and improve reporting with the Static Snapshots.
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Capture and Freeze Dynamic Data
Capture and store data from Confluence Cloud in static format with the Static Snapshots app.
Improve Reporting
Add static snapshots of various macros to your Confluence pages for better progress reporting.
Improve Compliance
Make sure your pages are not updated without your knowledge by using the Static Snapshots app.

How it works

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Keep your Data Static
With all data being dynamically updated in Jira and Confluence, Static Snapshots app helps you keep some of your data static. This supports better progress reporting for your teams.
Static Snapshots app is fully integrated to Atlassian Confluence and thereby to the entire Atlassian Stack.
You can add and display static snapshots of any Confluence space and page with the Static Snapshots app.


How many snapshots can I take per Confluence page?

There is a limit of 50 snapshots that you can take per Confluence page.

Where are the snapshots stored?

All static snapshots are stored together with your Confluence pages, i.e. your data is managed and stored by Atlassian. SoftComply only gathers the data, encrypts and zips it, and stores it with your Confluence page itself. SoftComply does not store your data anywhere outside Confluence.

I need help with the Static Snapshots

We are happy to support you! Please contact us at or BOOK A DEMO with our team.

What information does the Snapshot app share with the external domains?

The Static Snapshot app sends data to the following external domains:

Most of the external domains are used by the Static Snapshot app just for downloading external images (gravatars, icons, etc).

The Static Snapshot app asks for the end user’s consent to sending data to external domains, i.e. “App can send data to…“ because in order to receive images from the remote servers we need to send the request for it first. In other words, the end user consent request is needed here only to request data from the external servers. The Static Snapshot app does not send any user data to external servers, it only requests data from them.

SoftComply Static Snapshot does not store any data in external servers. Data is temporarily only passed in some cases in order to provide service (for example PDF files are generated by an external service). All the data during this process is stored in memory and is trashed after the service is provided to the user.

Domains that we use are the following:

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SoftComply Static Snapshots app helps you capture and freeze the data on your Confluence pages at any moment in time