Where should I create Documents for the SoftComply Document Manager - in Confluence or inside the Document Manager?

You should create Documents inside the Document Manager to be managed by the App.

The SoftComply Document Manager automatically creates Confluence pages when a new document or a new version is created. This way the system can manage the document versioning in the correct way.

To create a new Document in the App, simply go to the Dashboard or the Folder view, select “+ Create New” → “Document”.

What is a Task?

A Task is an activity assigned to one or more users that must be completed in a specific step of the workflow, before the Container can transition to the next step.

What is a Regular Task?

A “Regular” task is a general activity that needs to be completed. The assignee(s) can only confirm that the task was Completed.

What is an Approval Task?

An “Approval” task involves a decision from the assignee(s). The outcomes are typically referred to as “Approval” and “Rejection”. A Rejection from any assignee immediately triggers the associated transition (if any). A transition triggered by an Approval requires all assignees to Approve all tasks.

What is a Container?

In the SoftComply Document Manager, a “Container” is an object that contains Documents and/or Fields.

How does the Document Manager app affect my Confluence instance?

The SoftComply Document Manager DOES NOT impact your day-to-day activities in Confluence. You can still create spaces, pages, add content and macros to pages, and so on.

Viewing and Editing documents managed by the App is still done using the Confluence Editor.

We only recommend that you do not move, delete or change the permissions of pages and spaces managed by the App. These spaces are named “… SoftComply Document Manager…”.

How can I create a new version of a Document?

From the Folder view, click on the document you want to create a new version of. The detailed view of the document opens with the list of all versions. Click on “Create New Version” button on the Top-Right corner of the View.

Why is the “Create New Version” button not available in the detailed view of my document?

This is because there is already a Draft version of the document. There can only be one document version in the Draft, Approved or Released state at any given time.

Do I have to manually obsolete Approved or Released versions of a document when a new one is Approved or Released?

No. The App automatically obsoletes older versions of the Approved or Released documents when a new version is available.

How are the document version in the App related to the Confluence page versions in the Page History?

Document versioning in the Document Manager app is independent of the Confluence page versioning system.

The App creates a new Confluence page for every document version to better manage it and to avoid issues related to viewing older page versions in Confluence.

What happens to existing Containers when I modify their Template?

Nothing. When a Container is created it inherits all the information from the Template. Updating a template has no impact on the existing Containers.

Why has the information that I added to a Container disappear?

Updates to fields must be saved manually, i.e. you have to use the button at the bottom of the page to save the information.

Why can't I see any folder in the folder view?

It is possible that the App Setup was not completed correctly. Remove all App Data using the option in the bottom left corner of the App page in the Confluence Settings, then repeat the setup. Uninstalling and re-installing the App will NOT fix the issue.

What happens if my evaluation period ends?

All your Confluence data as well as your field data is retained. You will be able to access your documents through Confluence. The App functionalities will stop working.

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