Validation FAQ

The most Frequently Asked Questions about the SoftComply Validation app are
listed below.

How can I install the Validation app?

The Validation app can be installed directly from Atlassian Marketplace.

What exactly does the Validation app test?

The Validation app for Confluence includes automated tests on the main functionalities related to the management of permissions, users, spaces and pages.

In other words, the Validation app performs all the main activities that an admin user and a standard user can do in Confluence.

How often can I run the validation tests?

SoftComply Validation for Confluence supports validation test execution 1 x a week.

What happens when a test fails?

The Validation app comes with a support service from SoftComply.

In the case of a test failure, SoftComply Support will look into the reasons for the failure and inform you when you can re-run the validation.

What is required for running the validation?

Prior to setting up the Validation app in your Confluence instance, there are a few steps you will need to take. Follow our Step by Step Tutorial provided in the User Guide for successful setup.

What Documented Evidence is being generated by the Validation app?

With each test run, 4 Validation documents are being generated:

  1. Master Validation Plan: This document contains a comprehensive description of the validation approach and a risk assessment of the features that are tested.

  2. Validation Report: This report provides you with a detailed list of test cases, including their steps, screenshots, and statuses.

  3. Test Protocol: This document includes the list of all the test cases and their corresponding steps.

  4. Master Validation Report: This report encompasses the overall outcome of the test run.

What exactly does the Validation Report include?

Validation Report includes:

  • Validation Test Protocol that lists all 47 test cases and their expected results;
  • Validation Test Results describes each of the 47 test cases in details including the expected and actual test results together with the documented evidence.
Why did my Validation test run not generate a Validation Report?

Validation Report cannot be generated in the case where the access token is invalid. Please check that the token is generated by the Reporter. You can generate a new token, save the configuration, and execute the tests again.

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