Automation Assistant of the Risk Manager Plus


24 Aug 2023
by Marion Lepmets

We have just released a new Automation Assistant for the SoftComply Risk Manager Plus app – a feature some of you have requested. We heard you and we have now delivered it 😉

With the Automation Assistant you can automatically set values to your risks without having to set them manually in the Risk Manager Plus app itself. This helps reduce manual and repetitive tasks for your team.

The Automation Assistant can be used together with Jira automation that support creating “no-code” rules, based on events in Jira.

In order to update the risk values automatically, you can create an automation rule where the defined action sends the data to the Risk Manager Plus application. You can generate the exact values that you want to send to the Risk Manager Plus app with the Automation Assistant. You can pick all the necessary parameters from the Automation Assistant and copy them to the Jira Automation rule.

Video Tutorial of the Automation Assistant

A quick overview video of the Automation Assistant of the SoftComply Risk Manager Plus:

In case you wish to learn more about the Risk Manager Plus and the Automation Assistant, you are most welcome to contact the SoftComply team.

You can also try out the SoftComply Risk Manager Plus on Jira Cloud for a month for free or book a live demo call with our team:

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