SoftComply Risk Manager PLUS is an app for Jira to manage, track and report safety-critical product risks using Hazard Analysis and/or FME(C)A.


SoftComply Risk Manager Plus is fully customizable and integrated with Atlassian JIRA.

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SoftComply Risk Manager Plus is a Risk Analysis add-on for Jira that is fully customizable to any risk management method or approach including Hazard Analysis and FME(C)A. Supports FME(C)A with or without Detectability parameter & RPN (Risk Prioritization Numbers).


SoftComply Risk Manager Plus builds full traceability of risks through links between risks, their mitigation actions, test cases and other related risks for audit trails.


Automated generation of pre-filled and tailorable ISO14971-compliant Risk Reports (Risk Management Plan and Risk Management Report) including the visualization of risks of your choise, i.e. either in Initial and Residual Risk Matrices or in RPN (Risk Prioritization Numbers).



SoftComply Risk Manager is based on ISO 14971 and IEC 62304 comprehensively focusing on the EU and USA markets .


SoftComply Risk Manager is a must-have Jira add-on for any safety-critical system developer where compliant risk management is a regulatory requirement, e.g. in medical device or automotive industries.


SoftComply Risk Manager Plus is fully integrated to Atlassian Jira, with transparent pricing and full support from SoftComply

How it works

The majority of our clients are from the USA, the UK, and the rest of the Europe & they include startups as well as Fortune 500 companies.


250$ Per year

Safety critical

Compliant Risk Management for Safety Critical Industry!

Supports traceability

Each risk can be linked to requirements, mitigation actions, verification actions and other risks!

Compliant reporting

Reports are generated automatically from your risk matrices!

Data Center

2'900$ Per year

Safety critical

Compliant, Secure and Fully Customizable Risk Management app for Safety-Critical Industry!

Supports traceability

Establish traceability matrices between requirements, mitigation actions, verification actions and other risks!

Compliant reporting

Automatically generate your risk reports!

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