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Risk Management

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Document Management

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Risk Manager

Want to Automate Risk Management in Jira?

SoftComply Risk Manager is an Atlassian Jira app for managing, tracing and reporting your software product risks.

Risk Manager Plus

Need to Manage your Enterprise, Product, Security and Project Risks in Jira?

SoftComply Risk Manager Plus is an Atlassian Jira app for managing, tracing, visualising and reporting your risks.

Validation for Risk Manager Plus

Want to Ensure the Integrity of the Risk Manager Plus in your Jira Cloud Instance?

Automate the integrity and feature checks of the Risk Manager Plus in your Jira Cloud instance 1 x a week

Information Security Risk Manager

Want to Manage Information Security in Jira?

For Information Security Management in Jira that supports your compliance towards the ISO/IEC 27001.

Static Snapshots

Wish to Capture and Freeze the Dynamic Content of Confluence?

SoftComply Static Snapshots is an Atlassian Confluence app for taking and storing content in a static form.

Document Manager

Want to Manage your Documents in Confluence?

SoftComply Document Manager is an Atlassian Confluence app for managing, signing and approving your documents.

SoftComply eQMS

Looking for a Compliant Medical Device Quality Management System in Confluence?

SoftComply eQMS is a full Medical Device QMS developed as an app on Atlassian Confluence.

Validation for Confluence

Want to Ensure the Integrity of your Confluence Instance?

SoftComply Validation for Confluence is a Confluence app for automating the integrity check of your Confluence Cloud instance in the regular intervals of 1 x a week.

Change History

Wish to Display Document Approval History on Confluence pages?

SoftComply Change History app captures document workflow history on your Confluence pages.


Zendra Health
"We spent quite a bit of time assessing various QMS solutions - a lot of them were either very expensive, cumbersome to use or difficult to integrate with our software development process which would affect our ability to scale. The SoftComply eQMS is great in facilitating our company to produce medical-grade software (ISO 13485). SoftComply eQMS is very easy to use, is Confluence-based which is great as most of developers are familiar with it and provides very good foundation to build a QMS. SoftComply team have been very helpful with any queries we've had (lots of them!) and have provided great support."
Rhythm Diagnostic Systems (RDS Diag)
"The SoftComply Static Snapshots is a very good app that allows you to freeze the content of a page in Confluence, especially when including data from external sources (like Jira tickets)!"
"The Cloud eQMS Solution for Confluence comes with training and support to get all users on board quickly after the setup. The QMS has a full compliant Quality Management System documentation in it!"
Virgin Mobile
"The Risk Manager is an excellent app from SoftComply supporting Risk Management for both Jira Service management and Jira Software! I would definitely recommend it to other companies."
"We selected SoftComply (and Cloud eQMS Solution) because we are comfortable with Confluence and we understand the version and release control within Confluence. That being said, these guys take it to another level and their training has really helped accelerate our progress. The way SoftComply has set up the eQMS in Confluence and loaded it with all the right features, documents and templates is unbelievable! Thank you, SoftComply!"

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