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Empower your Team Without Being a Constant Snag

19 Oct 2023
by Marion Lepmets

The exact quote from our customer that inspired this heading was:

“There’s a delicate balance between holding team members accountable and coming across like a jerk.”

This speaks volumes of the additional complexity that comes with Risk Management. You would think that the complexity lies within putting the correct method, the models, the way we need to describe and control a risk in place. But these have been stated in a multitude of standards and written about in endless number of articles so this can be considered easy.

Our customers have reported the true complexity of risk management being in the “How”, in the communication, accountability and ownership of the risk management process. How should the team provide their input to the risk management process? It is often an overwhelming task to establish good collaboration using an ever-growing Excel table buried in a folder on someone’s hard drive.

The overall cultural shift that comes with bringing your Risk Management process from Excel to Jira has reportedly the following impact on your team:

Risk Awareness and Accountability: the notifications from Jira and issues directly linked to your team members help build awareness and accountability by simply being visible and in front of you.

Ownership and Empowerment: your team members take ownership of their risks when they feel that they actively contribute to the risk management process. If an issue in Jira that you are working on is marked as linked to a Risk, you surely pay more attention to it.

“If you have to manage risks for your products or processes, you probably have tried it in a big Excel table. And you properly hated it! The SoftComply Risk Manager is a far better solution.“ – J.P., CTO of a MedTech startup


SoftComply Risk Manager Plus app on Jira Cloud provides dedicated modules that risk managers are already familiar with like a customisable multi-sheet table view to manage risks right on the spreadsheet.

The SoftComply Risk Manager Plus has a free Risk Reporting app on Confluence Cloud to generate reports directly in your organisation’s document system as needed.

The SoftComply Risk Manager Plus is also the only risk management app that has its own automated Validation app for those companies working in the regulated industries required to have their product development and quality management related tools validated.

Check out the tutorial videos on SoftComply’s YouTube channel or book a dedicated Live Demo session with SoftComply team.

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