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4 Key Reasons Why you should move your Risk Management to Jira

11 Mar 2024
by Marion Lepmets

Risk management in the regulated industries is often viewed as a necessary evil, but what if we approached it as a secret weapon instead?

It’s a common misconception that risk management slows down innovation and adds unnecessary layers of bureaucracy.

Yet, in reality, effective risk management is the linchpin of sustainable growth and resilience, especially in regulated industries like medtech, fintech, and aerospace.

Here’s why you should turn risk management into a powerhouse of opportunity:

  1. Accelerating Product Development: In medtech, for instance, automating risk management in Jira streamlines the process of identifying and mitigating product risks, ensuring that safety is built into the product from the ground up. This proactive approach not only speeds up time-to-market but also significantly reduces the cost of post-market corrections.
  2. Fostering Innovation within Compliance: For fintech startups wrestling with the dual challenges of innovation and regulatory compliance, having your risk management in Jira offers a way to secure data and systems in alignment with ISO/IEC 27001. This security backbone empowers fintech firms to innovate boldly, knowing their foundations are secure.
  3. Navigating Medical Device Regulations: The complexity of compliance in the regulated industries can be daunting. Having your document management in Confluence and risk management in Jira, provides a structured yet flexible framework for managing documentation, ensuring that every piece of the compliance puzzle is in place, from design and manufacturing to maintenance and training.
  4. Integrating Compliance into Software Development: For software systems embedded in safety-critical applications, integrating risk management in Jira facilitates a global approach to compliance, addressing standards across different regions and industries. This global lens ensures that products are not only safe but also market-ready, regardless of geographical boundaries.

It’s time to shift the narrative from viewing compliance and risk management as hurdles to recognizing them as integral components of innovation and success in the regulated world.

By reframing risk management as a strategic advantage, organizations can leverage SoftComply Risk Manager Plus on Jira to navigate the regulatory landscape with agility and confidence.

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