Confluence Basics

Description and content:

  1. Description: This course will teach participants to use Confluence on a daily basis in their own projects and together with their teams. At the end of this course, participants will know how to build content – create documents, organise pages and use formatting tools. In addition to that they will be aware of Confluence’s security features – how to protect content and manage permissions.
  2. Content:
    1. Confluence user interface
    2. Creating and editing pages via Confluence editor
    3. Security in Confluence (permissions and restrictions)
    4. Creating rich content by using macros effectively
    5. Organising content in Confluence (information structure)
    6. Improving your teams performance with better collaboration (comments, labels, notification, templates)

Who should attend:

  1. All Confluence users in an organisation.


Price per organization: 1500 €
Max nr of participants: 10

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