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Why Should Validation Work Silently in the Background?

07 Feb 2024
by Marion Lepmets

Validation of software tools often leads to significant confusion as regulations mandate it but companies are often still unclear how to approach it.

Validation is a regulatory requirement for safety-critical industries e.g. MedTech, aerospace, automotive.

What is Validation?

In essence, validation is the critical process of assessing a software tool to ensure it aligns with its intended use, confirming that its functionalities perform as expected. Typically, there are two predominant approaches:

Manual Validation:

  • This method requires a dedicated expert proficient in validation processes who can execute and thoroughly document the process.

Automated Validation:

  • By employing scripted test cases, this approach automates the validation process on behalf of the user. While efficient, it necessitates the development of these scripts, either in-house or, if using an off-the-shelf product, ideally from the product developers.

Why Validate?

Auditors typically expect periodic re-assessment. However, for cloud-based Document Management Systems (QMS), manual validation may seem impractical and resource-intensive. In such cases, a more efficient background validation process becomes imperative.

Validation should ideally mimic the seamless functionality of an antivirus program, working silently in the background and performing necessary tasks without disrupting operations. A proficient validation tool should adhere to this principle, ensuring a streamlined process while generating requisite documentation.

Enter the SoftComply Validation for Confluence app, designed to seamlessly operate in the background while effortlessly producing documented evidence. This powerful tool automates the validation of your Confluence Cloud, fully meeting regulatory requirements and providing a robust solution for organizations seeking an efficient and compliant validation process. No more sleepless nights wondering what to do about Validating Confluence Cloud.

Want to Learn More?

To learn more about the SoftComply Validation app for Confluence Cloud, Book a Demo call with our Validation experts or Join our Validation Webinar on February 29th!

You can also check out our YouTube video clip about how to conduct Software Tool Validation:

Demystifying Software Tool Validation
Demystifying Software Tool Validation
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