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Document Manager Oct23
Turning Confluence Cloud into a Compliant Document Management System
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Document Manager
The Document Management Solution You Have Been Waiting For: THE SOFTCOMPLY DOCUMENT MANAGER
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How to Manage Information Security Risks in Jira in Compliance with ISO/IEC 27001
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Monitoring Changes of Confluence Cloud
Changes of Confluence Cloud in 2023: Detected by SoftComply
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Data Integrity of Confluence Cloud
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RAID risk framework in Jira
Managing the RAID Log in Jira
Why should you use the RAID risk framework and how to manage your RAID log in Jira with the help of the SoftComply Risk Manager Plus.
Comparison of Risk Apps on Jira Cloud
Comparison of Risk Management Apps on Jira Cloud
Comparison of risk apps on Jira Cloud
On Regulated on Atlassian Cloud
On Regulated Industries on Atlassian Cloud: Challenges and Possible Solutions
Introduction Companies in the regulated industries like medical device, space and aviation and other complex system…
Validation of Confluence Cloud
What to validate in your Confluence cloud instance and how to do it