4 Reasons Why you should Bring your Risk Register from Excel to Jira

20 Feb 2023
by Marion Lepmets
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    Traditional Risk Management process is an essential governance practice for product, portfolio, and project management. For many of us, the Risk Register is still stuck in a MS Excel spreadsheet that someone like the Project Coordinator or the Risk Manager tries to keep updated.

    Here are 4 reasons that will help you get a business case approved to move your Risk Register out of Excel and into Jira:

    1. Assign a Risk Owner to each Risk & Automate Followups

    We’ve all suffered from the barrage of email ping-pong when tracking the risk mitigation actions.  Perpetually chasing nominated Risk Owners to see if something’s been done is very time consuming and can be a full time job of its own.

    Having risk items in Jira allows the Project Manager to create automation rules (available out-of-the-box) for sequenced follow-up of outstanding tasks to a due date.

    Assign Risk Owners to each Risk

    2. Instant & Always Up-To-Date Risk Matrix Views in Jira Dashboards and Confluence

    While Excel has good features for various diagrams (including those pivot tables that seem to be constantly breaking), the SoftComply Risk Manager apps for Jira have a very cool risk matrix gadget that can be added to a Jira reporting dashboard in seconds.

    Risk Matrix Report in Jira Dashboard

    Furthermore, you can add the SoftComply Risk Reports to any of your team’s Confluence page. These reports are automatically updated in real time.

    Risk Table Report on Confluence page

    3. Empowering Teams to Manage Risks Themselves

    Let’s face it, a Risk Register in an Excel file buried four folders deep within your project governance doesn’t make it easy to find or know which file version is the latest to update. By empowering delivery teams to raise and mitigate their own Risks, Issues, Assumptions and Dependencies in the same Jira Project that they use to manage delivery every day, you get the potential to have a more proactive risk management culture.

    You can keep different types of risks in different Sheets of the Risk Table for better risk management and overview:

    RAID example in Jira

    4. Governance of Audit Trail of Changes

    A Risk Register in Jira gives the ability to see the full history of who created, edited and worked on every risk item – it will make the Risk & Compliance department your best supporter. This is even more critical for the Regulated Industries of Banking and Finance or the Medical Devices.

    Risk History Audit Trail

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