SoftComply Risk Manager Installation Guide

SoftComply Risk Manager is a Jira app and can be installed via Atlassian Marketplace. In order to do this, it is necessary to have Jira administration permissions. If you do not have the required administration permissions, contact your local Jira administrator and ask them to install it.

You can also access Atlassian Marketplace inside your Jira instance under Jira Administration Apps section. Search for the “SoftComply Risk Manager” and start your 30-days free trial to try it out!

SoftComply Risk Manager Admin Guide

In order to change Jira project settings according to your needs (e.g. custom security, notifications and screens), please follow the Jira administration guide. Jira administration permissions will be required to change project configuration. In most cases, the Risk Project acts as any other project in Jira.

It is possible to change the following:

Notification Schemes – If you need custom notifications, change the default notification scheme accordingly.

Issue Security Scheme – To provide issue level security exceptions, change the default scheme.

Screen Scheme – To edit risk issues in the Jira issue detailed view page, you need to add the SoftComply Risk Manager’s custom fields to the screens. On the ‘edit issue’ screen the Risk Manager fields such as ‘Hazard’, ‘Harm’, etc. are not visible by default. You can edit those fields after you have added them to the screens.

Permission Scheme – your default permission scheme is used by default. Change it if you need to customize different permissions to actions of Jira. Read more at Risk Manager Security.

Workflow Scheme – Changes to workflow do not affect the SoftComply Risk Manager’s work so far as there is one status without a resolution (e.g. TO DO) and one with a resolution (e.g. DONE). Issues (Risks) that have a resolution set (in Done status) are not visible in the risk management table.