SoftComply Risk Manager PLUS FAQ

What happens if my evaluation period ends?

If your evaluation period ends and you have not purchased the license, the SoftComply Risk Manager’s functionality will stop working. You will have all the data you have entered available as regular JIRA issues, but no access to Risk Manager tools, i.e. the risk management table, the risk matrices and the reporting.

If you choose to purchase a license, all features will become available again.

Why do I see empty risks in my table?

When you create a new mitigation action or a new verification action right into the risk management table, they will be generated into the same risk management project as a new risk, on a new row of the same risk management table. Since mitigation and verification actions are usually issues from another project, creating them into the same risk project will leave the other risk related fields empty, e.g. ‘Hazard’, ‘Harm’, ‘Cause’, etc.

To avoid empty risk rows from appearing, ensure you select the correct project where you want to create the new issue. If you intentionally need to create new risks by using the “+” feature in the “Mitigation Links” column or the “Verification Links” column, fill in the missing values later in the table. Alternatively, reconfigure your JIRA “create issue” screen by adding all the missing custom fields on it (see administration guide for how to do this).


How can I export data from SoftComply Risk Manager Plus to Excel?

Please follow our step-by-step instructions to export your risks and all the related data from the SoftComply Risk Manager Plus together with their related Jira issues into an Excel file – Guide to Exporting Risks from SoftComply Risk Manager to Excel.

How is the information I provide stored and handled by SoftComply?

In the Server version of SoftComply Risk Manager Plus we do not host, store, transmit, receive or collect any information you provide, including your content. All information will be stored in your Jira application in your own Server. If you use the SoftComply Risk Manager Plus, responsibility for securing storage and access to the information you put into the Services rests with you and not SoftComply. We strongly recommend that Server users configure SSL to prevent interception of data transmitted over networks and to restrict access to the databases and other storage points used.

For our Privacy Policy, please refer to SoftComply Risk Manager Terms of Services .


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