SoftComply eQMS Installation Guide

The SoftComply eQMS is a Confluence add-on and can be installed via the Atlassian Marketplace. You need to have your Confluence administration permissions to be able to install it. If you don’t, contact your local Confluence administrator.

You can also access the Atlassian Marketplace inside your Confluence instance under Confluence Administration Add-ons section. Use search under “Find new add-ons” to find the SoftComply eQMS.

SoftComply eQMS Admin Guide

Administer your QMS documents by managing Confluence space permissions. The Atlassian Confluence documentation provides useful information on permission management in Confluence.

You will have to determine which documents should be visible or editable by any user and which ones should be locked or hidden. Follow the Atlassian guidelines to manage your space access permissions.

Required Permissions

Only users with Confluence Administrator privileges can create new QMS spaces. “Create Space” permissions are not sufficient to perform this operation.

Action Required Permissions
Create QMS Space Confluence Administrator
Create Example QMS Space Confluence Administrator
Edit QMS Pages Edit permissions on the QMS space
Copy Templates Add Page permissions on the target space