How to Set Jira Notifications for Risk Management? Must-Have Tips for Risk Managers!

As you probably know by now Jira is the most customizable issue and project tracking software on the market. It is so flexible, in fact, that sometimes a simple feature might be forgotten or some things are not always easy to find. Today we will explain and provide practical tips on how to set and customize notifications in Jira.

As a quality manager or risk manager you would most likely need to know everything about your product risks by getting their notifications into your mailbox. Simple requirement but not as simple to configure unless you are a Jira power user. We will therefore describe how you can get only the needed notifications about the risks in the following paragraphs.

First let’s look into how Jira notifications are configured on a project level so you could ask your Jira admin to fine tune your default notifications settings.

Configure Jira Project Notifications

Every project has an assigned notifications scheme as part of the project settings. Notifications scheme connects issue lifecycle events with a particular user, e.g. if an issue is commented (commenting event/action takes place) only the issue reporter will get the notification email. There are plenty of different actions that can happen with your issue (or risk) and it is best to review the scheme and try to refine the notification process.

You can read more about existing events from Atlassian documentation at

Below you can see just the beginning of the default notification scheme where a notification for any event is sent to:

  • everyone who is watching/following the issue – all watchers,
  • the person who it is assigned to – assignee,
  • and the person who reported the issue – reporter.


From the risk management point of view the most important events are “issue created” and “issue updated”.

The “issue created” event will appear when a new risk is discovered and the notification is sent out. In order to make sure who the notification about the new risk is going to, please review the notification scheme for “issue created”.

“Issue updated” event is fired into the system when the issue’s details have changed e.g. somebody changes risks severity or adds/updates hazard description. In case your whole quality team should get notified about those events for example, just link the “quality_team” usergroup with necessary event as seen below:


Subscribe to a Jira filter

Another option to get notifications, or even reporting about your risks from your risk projects is by subscribing to a Jira filter.

Jira search queries are called filters and you can use filters also as a baseline for notifications. Let’s assume that you are holding weekly risk review meetings with your quality team and need updates and new risks to your mailbox every Monday in order to prepare for the review meeting. Now, you are especially interested in the new issues/risks that are added to your risk projects over the last week and all the issues that have been updated. In order to get all those issues, you can create two simple queries in Jira:


The results will provide you with all the necessary information. How can you connect these to the notifications & receive the results to your mailbox, you may wonder. Easy! When you save your searches, you can subscribe to them on a regular basis. This means that you can select a time when the results are sent out to you. You can also specify others who need to get these notifications. This way you can send reminders, reports, or anything you wish by simply defining the criteria and specifying who and when it will be sent out to.



To summarize, notifications can be sent on every issue action to the specified users/groups/roles & you can use the simple built-in solution for regular scheduled reports that pop into your mailbox!

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